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Untuk mengurangi beberapa keluhan tersebut,faktor penggunaan komputer merupakan hal utamayang perlu diperhatikan. Dari hasil penelitian paraahli, tempat kerja harus dirancang dengan tepat.
Contohnya adalah dengan menempatkan papan ketik dan tempat duduk pada ketinggian yang tepat.

Selain posisi duduk, mata juga harus diperhatikan. Mata merupakan indera yang bekerja paling keras saat anda menggunakan komputer. Oleh karena itu,anda harus memperhatikan mata anda sehingga keluhan mata, seperti iritasi mata atau kelelahan mata dapat dihindari.

Kinds of Puts Off The Light

Lamp can't selfsupporting deep lighting, but its law mandatory to get consolidated with electricity, cable as penghantar electricity, holder as lamp house, and dimmer as controlling as lamp.
In common, available three kind put off the light, which is
  1. common light lamp: type put off the light ordinary, job lamp, and lamp “ flood ”
  2. special light lamp: type puts off the light spot, as “ ellipsoidal ”, “lekolites ”, “spherical ”, and “ mirror ”
  3. mixed light lamp: type puts off the light strip, as lampi border, lamp does splits, lamp “ backing ”, siklorama's lamp
Three kind put off the light that have its character each. Lamp lighting to have light character that memencar, because of secretory light of lamp only at pantulkan  melalui reflector penetrates light on glass puts off the light. Meanwhile on type puts off the light special, secretory light of dipantulkan's afters lamp pass through reflector then is biassed lens thru. Refraction via lenticular that cause its light focus coherent and outward pointedly. On characters mixed lamp its as lamp of common, just afters light most rebounds through reflector then be biassed glass thru colorful lamp, one monochrome lamp, usually tingles, green, white or amber.

9 distinctive Among Loves and The Lower Self

There are many woman which is still incredulous and not realise that there is man which love they devout ala. Even each relationship no that perfect, but integrity a man quite a You can feel, if have found man that tepat.  You May ask if lover love heartily or just passion sheer? Find its following answer this,

1. Passions Unlike adoration
Love and the lower self oft flurries us. sebenernya, mostly film theme, song, novel is not about love, but passion. How is membedakanya?
·         Time-tested love, . . . the lower self easy discolored . ..
·         Love prices . .. the lower self utilizes . ..
Oft physical affinity becomes one advanced signal of its growing Adoration, but it haven't become adoration.
2. keromantisan's Unlike love
Romantic feel really extraordinary in affinity among man and woman. God really design that we experience feel as it in subjective special with type foe. But romansa's enthusiasm and warmth can't be equalled with love. keromantisan constitutes a feel; meanwhile adoration is still have far meaning deeper again.
3. Maddest Unlike adoration
Maddest feel is affinity and strong enthusiasm deep self someone to defy its type. You will think up her noon and night. Your think is confiscated by that man so you can't concentrate on the other thing. Say other from persaan maddest it puppy love or calf love. Fall in love or first view love usually they converse ttg maddest feel …
4. Seks's Unlike adoration
Love constitutes to process; seks constitutes an action. Love can be studied; seks constitutes instinct. Love needs perpetual attention; seks not necessarily such a. Love needs time for effloresce and getting mature; seks not necessarily time for effloresce. Love needs emotional interaction and spiritual; seks just need physical interaction. Love makes relationship get deep; seks without love makes relationship to become gap.
5. That love Makes Happy, The lower self that Membahaykan
Love that actually does ever point out to clear a root or aim wends happiness for peopled one trips it. An amorist already finds and understand adoration meaning within itself will lie on condition that makes happy. On the contrary, men that most throws a curve by passion and look on passion be love will lie in condition which jeopardize. We can't disown, whereabouts available goodness, at there devil tempt that man flops into badness.
Love and the lower self as two flanks of same currencies. Love is nurginal positive, the lower self is nurginal negative and that money is subjective. Someone that love its couple with one quite a its love will lead its relationship wend unmitigated happiness by looks after and love its couple. Without intentionally to wreck and racking. Any other thing it with peopled one interlaces relationship with base the lower self, they will take in its relationship to aim pseudo happiness and just gets orientation on physical, in this case sex. One that just will mire them into situated one jeopardize.
deh's attempt, we meluangkan time for bethinks momentary. What subjective one be we trip with couple currently get orientation on unmitigated happiness or just happiness pseudo..? Just you who know its answer.
6. Love Causes We laughter, The lower self Our disappointed Cause
If allegorized by relationship as sawah, therefore love is paddy and the lower self be weeded. Nah, while are someone plant out paddies (love) at sawah (relationship) therefore self acting will grow also liiar's grass (the lower self). If that man has known and understanding whats it paddy (what is love), therefore she will shortly trim that weed (the lower self) one that growing at sawahnya (relationship). While gets in crop term, person this will reap sawahnya's result (relationship) one that cultivated by paddy (love) that previously as fruit of paddy (happiness). Any other with men that thrown a curve by one suspects weed (the lower self) as paddy (love). They will pet weed (the lower self) and its paddy plant (love) will dead. Upon crop, obviously which they can only one bale of weed (the lower self) that don't delicate be eaten (disillusion).
At here we need to ask to our own heart, what subjective our one trips with couple can make us laughter or just one series of disillusion that we get..? If one we can just disappointed and disappointed, there is it is better for us mengkaji re, what subjective our one trip based on loves or the lower self..?
7. Love Does Ever Want To Give, The lower self Just Wants to be given
I perceive to mean from this drd point was clear. Love is give. While are someone interlace relationship on a basic love therefore first one thing be done is give the best one to its couple, don't want to be given. Its logic, if we and same couple want to give (we want to give to couple and couple want to give to us) automatically both will accept. But if we and its couple want it is given (couple wants to be given and we also want are given) then who is going gives..? On eventually which happens just no that will be given since no that wants to give. Attempt is thought twice..!
8. Love Wants To Love, The lower self Wants Menggerayangi
Hayo …!!!!
How to you treat your couple?
And how to your couple treats you?
This is line of least resistance to differentiate which love, which is passion..?
Basis for someone in interlace relationship will really determine on how to that person treat its couple. Person that interlace relationship with base love will everlastingly treat its couple by a good way. Look after, love, paying attention and always gives the best one. On the contrary men which interlace relationship because tend passion treat couple towards physical. Every time meets, it want to kiss and is kissed, every time both wants it is hugged and hugging, digerayangi and menggerayangi, and acute more one again if gets to sex's relationship aim. Waaaah …, danger, danger …!!!
9. The Best One love, The lower self That reverse
Love do ever try to become the best one, try to give the best one for couple and always treat couple by a good way. How with passion …? On the contrary, the lower self
Nah, hopefully discussion upon can give us little bit picture hit always want to be given and tend treat couple towards what do mislead. the difference among passion and love. So we all don't flop into full relationship the lower self.


Some day gab happening among my with a senior at campus, while am I be still at college stool. At that talk, my senior criticize college student friend behaviours activist missionize that fond subdue its view while converses by type foe. My senior says, "Allegedly looks after hijab … One needs dihijab heart cannikin. Although doesn't see but its heart plays, cannikin all the same deceit. More kindhearted which dihijab." Such a approximately.
mangut mangut's that time. That expression is heard logical.
How long then at one pengajian, heard by criticism of a pengajian's member (she is senior the other) to activists missionizes campus that trifles hijab. "They tell ghodul qulub (looking after heart) more essential, then trifles ghodul bashor (looking after view). Eventually that right ghodul bashor ilaa ghodul qulub (looking after view to look after heart). View guard before for then heart guard!"
Nah lho my … termangut mangut again. Which that right?


Live one sweetheart couple among nayla and vero they trip relationship up to 6 more years. Their love story very romantic but there is one constraint between their which is religion difference both herculean to religion each mutually respect religion difference humanity, for them the difference religion are not a distance or balk wall but mutually complete.
Since they are certain all this time life between the difference religion really looked difficult but after at trip they bisa  passes it until 6 years this to the fore, since makes they love that band all difference. Each available religion celebration from them their each ever attending e.g. while they again road go to vero's mall always delivers nayla to go to mushola closest and mengingatkanya for sholat, vero that faithful waits nayla until all through sholat is in front mushola.
On the contrary nayla what do also frequent accompany vero one every sunday available divine at church even have once as once nayla comes on to come in and witnesses that divine In their sitting church gets peripheral while berpeggangan puts hand out. As homewards as of vero's divine asks out nayla visit to its house really oldster vero glorious happy with nayla and in agreement they until so far pacaran.
By the day at dining table all vero's family congregates there also looked nayla that be comes on to help make ready food for lunches with
Crunch vero: so plan you get married when? Have available plan haven't??
And suddenly vero and nayla most silents mutually gets to gaze face,
Vero: our crunches cannikin still young wait for at speaks
Crunch vero: ohh you can't date can at your long time and age count also
was really ripe to make towards nuptials, moreover crunches really your okay with nayla
Vero: crunch not as soon as that vero's yes also wants to get to nuptials with nayla but mah is still a lot of one have at gets things square and ripe difikir
Crunch: what problem?? Vero … doubtless crunch you can bethink adult so must know what do have you do
Vero: crunch was its enough bicara this even wait for, now again lunch delicate ga. (vero looks nine ways towards nayla that be sits to be drooped by silents veropun not dare sees it)
In the street homewards homeward nayla, vero mengantar nayla goes home in vero's car apologizes on deportment crunches it is previous.
Vero: nayla, maafin is my mamma yeah if really available incorrect word
Nayla: engga is vero's shuttlecock just crunches you correctness, utterance of oldster really always correct we really necessarily have in focus to think up to the fore and we really have to more bethink adult again
Vero: udah udah is nayla yeah I ga wants you think up that thing for me live as this was enough i am you dear nayla really fond. If needs i am willing your confidence following after complete our love
Nayla: engga vero!! I ga will accept and most more doesn't make your disappointed oldster with you, I ga wants you at stamp as child that buck oldster. Let all these walking what mark sense if we couple a while we must will unite. Don't make this problem as handicapped as our love but we has tofu how to settle it
At hugs nayla with vero really hand in glove, visually of nayla's face actually really sad but nayla doesn't want to appear downcast in front vero and nayla shall strength anyway that situation.
Upon arrival its at nayla's house one house which modestly, nayla enters its room with jaded face gets to accost and bersalaman puts hand out with its even mother appears jaded
nayla's mother: you why nak?? Your face is looked jaded once??
Nayla: previously available about problem few while lunches on the house vero.
nayla's mother: your loh why?? At loggerheads with vero??
Nayla: not bu, previously dining table crunches vero to talk about my nuptials and vero. Vero stills was ready every to crunch it despite actually nayla knows that at maksud  vero is about confidence their we, nah is mother knows dong just how strength it their confidence and one for nayla is sad previous vero count at car if she is willing confidence move after wants to be at one with I mother
nayla's mother: nak vero really looked so devout loves
Nayla: but bu, nayla doesn't want vero against ruling its family after nayla. Nayla Only wants us to trip before for nayla if really nayla and vero gets daring couple as big as whatever we will hang together
nayla's mother: you are yes patient nak, maybe all these temptation and you strength shall face it. Willing mother if you wants following with vero to perpetuate your love nak's sincere mother (naylapun's mother issues tear)
Nayla: ibuuu don't be its trick, nayla doesn't want to make easy something just the favor life nayla bu lets to believe all these have available one manages it bu.
Next day nayla starts to hard bethink about relationship it with revo, thinking up nayla has last regular after love they ungrudgingly get victim for its confidence but naylapun doesn't want upset its family at single-sided if nayla retreats and deciding to walk off vero despite visually is hard to at trips.
Today nayla wants to meet by vero somewhere right above vero's star hill and nayla sits in boundary see bottom landscape from above lamps the ways looked beautiful adorn their conference. Nayla that looked be leans against at vero's shoulder
Nayla: kalo may at concedes me to want as this go on with you but if until house continually remember instance one time that its nonexistent taste once me not feel equal
Vero: darling, you are not alone available me in here believe I may not let you troubleshoot it is alone. I am certain we can solve it without makes we part
Nayla: we really confident but if God concede?? I just just not want to thrust situation that its following will wreck the whole lot


Nayla: since when sih I have perceive suspect to go to my alone girlfriend?? Whatever available my heart that ga is silent, kasian vero also kalo I smell a rat in risih dong. For me we pacaran that mutually believe each other
Vita: betah is lo pacaran's yes with patient confidence difference banget again
Nayla: vita my … it pacaran is not because patient or something, but since I same vero that mutually completes our distinctive and distinctive that is that bands to love we hehehe
Vita: hmmmm starts deh's old lo's language hahahha yeah
Nayla: eh is sih's old shuttlecock?? Loh emang bener is hahaha's cannikin therefore it looks for neng betah's girlfriend tremendously lo jomblo
Vita: my heloooow jomblo is not its meaning ga in demand yeah but I am certain God have given couple for I wait hahahha
Nayla: lo deh kayaknya's lingual elder hahaha yeah
Caprice atmosphere laughs vita and nayla appears while lunch with, And suddenly abrupt vero available at the elbow nayla, naylapun surprises available vero comes her menyusuli while lunches
Vero: haiii is darling (while kisses khening nayla) haii vita..
Vita: haii veroooo